Amazing Scott main image - Magician, Balloon Artist, Fire Performer, Master of Disguise
  • Magician
  • Balloon Artist
  • Fire Performer
  • Master of Disguise

The Amazing Scott has been entertaining audiences of all ages in the twin cities for over 10 years!

From full stage productions to close-up magic, Balloon art, fire performance and a large variety of costume characters, there is no event too large or too small!! Having worked for many entertainment companies over the years, experience is his middle name!


Amazing Scott main image - Magician, Balloon Artist, Fire Performer, Master of Disguise
  • Magician
  • Balloon Artist
  • Fire Performer
  • Master of Disguise

The Amazing Scott, making magic since 2000

The Amazing Scott began his magic career in Minneapolis in 2000, doing clowning and costume characters for an entertainment company. Soon he was also managing The Mall Of America's magic shop where he spent 3 years honing his skills as a close-up magician.

In 2006, The Amazing Scott was recruited by Valleyfair, Minnesota's premiere theme park. The Soul Collector was born. Scott becomes a voodo witch doctor using magic, theatrics and fire performance. The Soul Collector show has been entertaining audiences for five years on the walkways and stage during Valleyfair's Halloween Haunt! During these five years Scott has developed the show, creating new features and keeping it fresh and new.

In 2007 The Amazing Scott joined The Secret Circus, a circus based fire show, bringing the element of magic to the flame as a 'wizard.' The Ring master was born, performing dozens of shows throughout Minnesota.

In 2008, Scott formed a collaborative effort with associate performers and created Stuck in a trunk, a comedy magic show titled We sell out! Having collaborated on so many different types of shows, using a small army of very talented performers, Scott has gained much experience tailoring any performance to meet any venue. Fire performers, stilt walkers, belly dancers, jugglers, aerialists, clowns, balloon artists, artists, princess's, face painters, body balancers, musicians, magicians and ninjas, they represent the Twin Cities finest!

The Amazing Scott's Characters: Batman, spiderman, Superman, Elmo, Buzz Lightyear, The Soul Collector, Bob the builder, Aladdin, Darth Vader, Pirate, Vampire, Peter Penguin, Scooby-Doo, Barney, Santa, Power Ranger, Sponge Bob, Winnie-the-Poo, Clown, Ninja, Mad Scientist, Ringmaster, Wizard, The man in a yellow hat, bee and Bunny.

Performed at these venues:

  • Valleyfair
  • First Ave Ricks Cabaret - Minneapolis, MN
  • Minnesota Timber wolves games
  • Minnesota Vikings games
  • Minnesota Twins games
  • The Taste of Minnesota
  • Eden Valley Days 2 years
  • NYE at The Dublinn pub - Duluth, MN 2 years
  • Melrose Riverfest, MN
  • Home and farm expo long prairie, MN
  • Grand opening of The Bourbon St. bar and grill Sauk Centre, MN
  • Hale public school Minneapolis, MN
  • Champs Restaurant Eden Prairie and Burnsville, MN
  • Enjoy Restaurant Apple Valley, MN
  • Perkins Bloomington, MN
  • Harmony Park Geneva, MN
  • History Theater - St. Paul, MN
  • Minnetonka Kids fest
  • Flint Hills International Children's Festival
  • The Minnesota boat club
  • Kids expo Minneapolis convention center
  • Magic max mall of America
  • 10k Detroit lakes, MN
  • The California lounge
  • Parade in Long Lake, MN
  • Day of the Dead parade - Minneapolis, MN
  • American medical - Minnetonka, MN
  • lyngblomsten care center
  • The loft downtown Minneapolis
  • Lake henry days, MN
  • Brown county fair
  • Louie Anderson's Minnesota's got talent
  • Senator Norm Coleman
  • AND countless birthday parties and family special events.



Nothing say’s action like when Batman crashes your party or event! Armed with fun and entertaining games like Capture the villain, a Batman training course, the Mr. Freeze dance, Batcave bombers or knock out the bad guys, your guests are sure to stay busy while having fun! With a professionally tailored Dark Knight costume, immortalizing the occasion with individual action photo’s are sure to make a HUGE HIT, pow, bang and blast!
Prize packages available!

Darth Vader

You don't know the power of the dark side until your child's favorite cosmic villain enters the room!! Enjoy some Sith magic or join him in a game of jedi vs. sith, asteroid rock search, light saber combat training, a jedi obstacle course, jedi-jedi-sith or act out your favorite scene! Don’t forget your personal action photos! With voice changer and professional costuming, the force is strong with this one!
Prize packages available!


Let your "Spider-sense " tingle when this web-slinging superhero "swings" into your event! Enjoy a meet and greet, or play spider games like; spin a web, spider web escape, green goblin freeze tag or the spider crawl! Don't forget to add some web (rope) magic or balloons to your event! Action photos will 'capture' your imagination and immortalize it for all time!
Prize packages available!

Pirate parties

Have your favorite pirate character make an appearance at your party or event! Enjoy Classic pirate music while playing pirate games such as musical islands,Balloon sword fights, walking the plank, cannonball sea battles or the inflatable pirate ship ring toss!! Listen as the Captain tells a slew of pirate jokes while creating Balloon Art or performing Magic from the high seas!! Your guests will have a swashbuckling great time!!
Prize packages available!


Enjoy a magic show performed by a real wizard! Explore the ancient powers of a modern day wizard or a character from your favorite movie or book! Light or dark, it's your choice! Your young wizards could learn some minor miracles with items from around the house and spell casting, with the "teach in" wizard party's! Great for strolling at party's or events, close up or stage, entertaining and educational, immerse your self and your guests in the fantasy world of wizards and warlocks!
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From the classic Ringmaster, to a creepy evil Ringmaster, any circus themed event is perfect for this character!

Ninja party/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers

With years of training, and an authentic Black Belt in American Taekwondo, Ninja parties are sure to be a 'Snap'! Your little ninjas (or turtles) train in the use of safe ninja stars, martial arts kicks, jumps, punches, dodging, sword lessons, balance games or an obstacle course! Ninja magic is also a mysterious and entertaining addition to your party or event! From authentic tabi Boots up to a Straw asian hat, mask or no mask you can learn to master your 'visibility' for one of a kind action photos! Unlock the mysteries of the ninja!
Prize packages available!

Vampire party (Vampire name?)

Tap into a darker side and invite nosferatu to your party or event! Watch the mesmerizing magic and/or balloon art, or play games with the prince of darkness himself! With professional vampire teeth and piercing white eyes, this gothic blood sucker is sure to be a scream!
Prize packages available!

Mad Scientist

Education and experimentation while having loads of fun! Just slip your lab coat on, and away we go! Perform wacky experiments while learning about the fundamental basics of science! Learn about house hold chemicals, static electricity, Make slime or flubber, magnets and even dissection!! Prepare to get your nerd on as we make simple science props! Add some slight of hand, and your sure to have an unforgettable time!!
Prize packages available!